All kittens leave with their own goody pack containing containing litter, toys, foods etc. We breed for quality not quantity! For Show, Pet and sometimes for Breeding to genuine breeders only. All enquiries are welcome and answered!! For our standard information, email or for just a chat please contact me.

We breed Lilac, Cream, Blue Selfs, bi-colour and Colourpointed British Shorthair kittens. They are big and chunky, with our well known stamp of that special something in our kittens' excellent temperaments. All kittens are GCCF registered, fully vaccinated, insured, microchipped, used to children, household noises and fully litter trained. Born and bred indoors, the kittens all come vet checked, wormed and with flea prevention and are ready to love.

Past kittens we have bred. For available kittens please see the Nursery page.

Kinderpaws Mojito. Lives with Angela Lives with Kim
Kinderpaws Winston. Lives with Natasha Blue Self Kitten
Silver Tabby Living with Mrs Patterson
Lilac Self Kitten Blue Self Kitten
Lives with Laura MacKay Blue Self
Two photos of Millie who lives with Helen Millie who lives with Helen
Floyd Paul - he lives with Sarah and Paul Meg's Babies
Meg's Babies Meg's Babies
Mollie's Blue Babies Mollie's Blue Babies
Colourpointed Kitten One of Ellie's babies
Lilac Self boy from Ellie Lilac Kitten
Annabell a Lilac Self owned by Heidi in London Millie now lives with Mrs O'Connor
Maximus Cream Colourpointed who lives in Kent with Inga Tilly who lives with Lucy Gillett
How they are now with their new Mum and Dad Harry who lives in Canterbury with Hugh and Lorraine
Blossom a BlueCream who lives with Laura in Merseyside Lulu has gone to live with Mrs Luff in Kent
Alan & Sheila Grey's Sam now living in Halton, Cheshire Lilac Self & Lilac Colourpointed owned by Maxine Tyler
Lexey and Marley now live in a life of luxury in Kent Kinderpaws Delphinium who lives with Julie in Kent